Barging through London

1924 film of a barge travelling from the Regent’s Canal Dock through London – made as part pf the Wonderful London series

Barging Through London (Again)

A Somewhere Film by Nina Pope with music by Tim & Matthew Olden. 

Originally commissioned in 2011 by UP Projects for The Floating Cinema. Barging Through London was made in 1924 by Harry B. Parkinson. With thanks to Huntley Film Archives

The Barge Fellows 

Studies on the Regent’s Canal: 1926

1937 Grand Union Canal  

Film of the Dock in action and the Cut in Stepney, Haggerston, City Road Basin, Islington Tunnel up to Birmingham

1948: Two amateur films of boat trips from the Regent’s Canal Dock with thanks to Fran Pomerand

  • Cario and Warwick 1 shows a group which would go on to be the Inland Waterways Association running a day trip along the Regents Canal from the Regent’s Canal Dock

Cario and Warwick 2 shows Sonia and George Rolt on a working trip from Limehouse Docks to Birmingham

From same series showing City Road Lock and Basin

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1975: The canal from Camden to Islington with images of locations today by Burl Solomans

2014: Waterfolk fun film by Up Projects for children and all ages about bugs that live in the Regent’s Canal water

2019: Islington Regent’s Canal Heritage Project’s heritage exhibition at the Angel Canal Festival 2019

2020: In its 200th year, Canal Connections gives a snapshot of the canal and the shared appreciation of it across communities in Tower Hamlets

2020: Young Actors Theatre Islington film for Islington Canal Heritage, made with local young people during lockdown. It centres around the play we commissioned from by playwright Linda Wilkinson and is adapted, produced and directed by Asha Cornelia Cluer

2022: East End Canal Festival on film

~ And now for something completely different ~

Leonardo De Vinci’s 1497 lock design is shown to be remarkably similar to the locks used in the modern day